Independent Gin Guide

Marketing magic

Try before they buy

Put a house copy in your venue for customers to peruse.

Show it off

Give the guide a prime spot so that customers can’t miss it.

Add a little sign with the price and tell them which page to find you in.

Shout about it

Download the websticker to add to your website

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Download the web stickers

Be Social

Make sure you’re following The Independent Gin Guide on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tweet pics of your gin-tastic exploits and we’ll retweet them as much as possible.

Tell your social media followers that you’re selling the guide – show your entry etc.

Tell the media

We’ve sent out a press release to gin specialist publications, national newspapers and magazines as well as regional media.

Take it a step further by sending out your own press release to your local paper.

*Remember to send high resolution images with it.

Download Gin Guide Images

Gin gifting

Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the anniversary of your opening.

All good reasons to encourage people to buy a guide – make sure you make it easy and obvious.

Build loyalty

Everyone loves an incentive. Why not use the guide to reward loyal customers?

For distilleries and stores, this could be in the form of ‘buy 3 bottles, get a free guide’.

For venues, consider a loyalty card for G&Ts with a free guide as a reward when they fill it.

For gin schools, ‘book a course this January and receive a free guide’.